Ever dreamt of being Wonder Woman? Or even better the Fairy Godmother?

-If you live chasing time every day;

-If you struggle to make the endless daily list of tasks;

-If you don’t have any energy left to play with your kids;

-If you tried to ask for help and planned your day perfectly, but still you feel tired and drained;

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Since your children were born, you became a family and career juggler.

Day after day, you feel tired. At work, you feel like your brain is all foggy; you will forget details; you think you are less sharp and proactive than before. You continuously crave coffee and sugary snacks to go on; you gain weight more quickly than before, you are impatient or irritable, and you always get sick. You feel hopeless, disconnected from the others, depressed.

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Imagine you can change that routine. You can work from home and You Are The Owner Of Your Time because you have the freedom to work when you want and from where you want. You can enjoy quality time with children and family. You have your me-time finally! And you can go for a run; go to the SPA; do yoga and meditation; bake a cake; anything you want because you are more joyful and energetic.

It only makes sense to learn from succesful moms.

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