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When Chocolate Is Not Enough To Lift You Up

Chocolate helps, but it is not enough! Eating chocolate or having a drink in the evening as a treat because we need to pamper ourselves is not the solution. It’s just a temporary pleasure, but tomorrow everything will be the same, over and over again. Can you live only for a few treats? It’s nice to be gluttonous sometimes, but it should be a joy, not a compensation; otherwise, it won’t be enough, and it won’t be satisfying. When I was depressed because I was overwhelmed by work and family, I followed this advice: I made a list of what[…]

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Gender Parity: Why Women Should Lead The Change

Gender parity is a statistical measure that compares a specific indicator among women with the same indicator among men. I strongly believe that none of us should be forced to follow precise models dictated by society. On the contrary, I think that each one of us must follow his or her own intuition and heart to live happy and fulfilled. In particular, women must become aware of the current lack of equality between men and women in the workplace and must change things. Have a look at this chart: Women will have to wait 217 years before they earn as[…]

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mom and baby

Mom Guilt

Nearly 90 per cent of mothers feel guilty. Why? And How can we overcome this feeling? First of all, let me reassure you that Mom Guilt is real and very intense. So intense that can consume us. Mon Guilt is the feeling of doubt, anxiety, uncertainty, the idea of not being good enough or not being able to do enough. Guilt is a painful feeling and underestimating it is dangerous. When I think of my life before my children, it feels like another life! Or even another person’s life. I was focused on my personal and professional realization, on my[…]

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Change Your Life

Do it. Wear that dress too tight Let your hair down. Get up and dance. Make a fool of yourself more often. Find reasons to laugh. Make love. Create something beautiful. Speak up! Know your worth. Don’t apologize for your magic and stop hiding your light. Give yourself love. Forgive. Make room for the unexpected. Stop waiting for the right time, do it now. Fuck what people think of you; Because in the end, you are the one you’ll have to answer to all the things you didn’t say, the people you didn’t love, the things you never did and[…]

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