woman shows inner energy

Women Most Powerful Weapon Is Inner Energy

“The healthy woman looks a lot like the wolf: vigorous, full of energy, great life force, capable of giving life, ready to defend the territory, inventive, loyal, wandering. Yet the separation from the wild nature makes the woman’s personality poor, thin, pale, ghostly.” —CLARISSA PINKOLA ESTÉS In recent centuries, women have believed that their role is passive by nature and men deserve a more active role. A woman is made to love, to feed, to heal, to cradle, to listen. Isn’t that right? There is a truth that they have hidden from us (or have we forgotten it?): the woman[…]

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graph shows the comfort zone

From Comfort Zone to Learning Zone

“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone” (Neal Donald Walsch) The comfort zone is a state of mind based on the repetitiveness of living conditions. It is a reassuring routine, made of choices that have become established habits challenging to change, precisely because of the feeling of utmost security they give us. Everything seems perfect; why should we change? Because there is a lot to lose in this condition. Living always in the comfort zone involves a slow and almost imperceptible waiver of change, and with it, we give up the possibility of having an active role in[…]

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rubik's cube

The Top Ten Verbs To Start Your Journey To Self-Improvement

Ten verbs help you point your brain in a positive direction and work on your self-improvement. “Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.” (Aristotle) The power of thought is real: every thought transforms into a physical state. For example: if you have to face a frightening situation such as having an interview with your boss, a few hours earlier your body starts shaking; some tremble with fear, others sweat profusely or struggle to breathe. Likewise, when we are about to meet our loved one, we feel joyful and excited even before we see her/him, we are exploding with joy![…]

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