The Witch Within Us. All You Need To Know About Witches Today

There is no animal more invincible than a woman, nor fire either, or any wildcat so ruthless. (Aristophanes) The truth is, witches still exist. They never ceased to exist. The question is: are you too a witch? Men have tried by every means to destroy them, but they’ve never succeeded and never will, because the witch-woman is a fundamental element of this planet, like air and water. Who are the witches? We can consider them in a folkloristic or childish sense as monstrous, grotesque and evil beings. Still, in reality, witches are women who cannot and do not want to[…]

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The Power Of Your Thoughts. And How You Can Use It For Personal Growth

And the difference between introspection and rumination. The time spent listening to yourself, and getting into your thoughts is helpful – it’s an excellent approach for personal growth and creativity. However, getting “in our head” can sometimes be hazardous; this happens if we follow negative thoughts. We must be aware of the critical difference between introspection and rumination; in this video I explain it clearly. Introspection is a useful process of self-reflection and exploration, which is good for our well-being and our brain. Rumination, on the other hand, can spiral us into a vicious circle of negative thinking that holds[…]

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gender pay gap

Gender Pay Gap: Why Women Are Paid Less Than Men

Here are the three lies they often tell us about gender pay gap. Recently, the Gender Pay Gap has attracted media attention. The 2018 MeTooMovement, which began in protest against harassment and sexual assault, led to the analysis of gender inequalities in the workplace in 2019, including not only pay disparity but also barriers to the advancement of women in leadership. Facts: Women employed in the workforce: are less than men; earn less than men; work about six more hours per week (between paid and unpaid work); are forced to take more time off work to take care of children;[…]

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