My Story

Marilda at Mellieħa, Malta
Marilda at Mellieħa, Malta

Hi! I am Marilda. I am a Practical Dreamer 🦋

My life has changed drastically since I’ve decided to break those mental and physical chains that were trapping me in the 9-to-5 corporate job and now I am finally living the life I love.

I used to be a very energetic and enthusiastic person, but unfortunately, my 20 years long career as Senior Project Manager totally drained me.

I had everything: a beautiful family and a good job and yet I couldn’t enjoy either of them. My nightmare began, a life spent chasing time. I tried to give more and more but eventually found myself exhausted, unhappy, concerned and full of anxiety.
I was depressed and disappointed. And very angry too, because I couldn’t accept to live complaining every day and being irremediably sad.

I received a kind of “Wake-up Call” from my inner self and I had to choose between life or survival.

I desperately looked for ways to change my life, I made researches on the Internet, I collected data, I studied the trends, I made comparisons, I asked questions and I finally found the way-out: the digital landscape. Digital marketing is the Key. An incredible opportunity! I understood the huge potential and strength of this scenario.

I was terrified yet I quit my job and started my new journey. I am learning new skills, building my new knowledge, reinventing myself and growing my business and here I am Living My Digital Life, happy and fulfilled again.

Today I am a Digital Entrepreneur, Affiliate Marketer for SFM but above all, I am a woman and a mother who is happy to have found the financial and personal freedom she has been longing for.

Do you want to launch your business but you don’t know where to start and fear freezes you? Imagine you could build your business starting with affiliate marketing, for instance. It’s less risky, requires little or no investment, and is the ideal way to learn new skills and get ready for the change.

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