gender pay gap

Gender Pay Gap: Why Women Are Paid Less Than Men

Here are the three lies they often tell us about gender pay gap. Recently, the Gender Pay Gap has attracted media attention. The 2018 MeTooMovement, which began in protest against harassment and sexual assault, led to the analysis of gender inequalities in the workplace in 2019, including not only pay disparity but also barriers to the advancement of women in leadership. Facts: Women employed in the workforce: are less than men; earn less than men; work about six more hours per week (between paid and unpaid work); are forced to take more time off work to take care of children;[…]

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woman shows inner energy

Women Most Powerful Weapon Is Inner Energy

“The healthy woman looks a lot like the wolf: vigorous, full of energy, great life force, capable of giving life, ready to defend the territory, inventive, loyal, wandering. Yet the separation from the wild nature makes the woman’s personality poor, thin, pale, ghostly.” —CLARISSA PINKOLA ESTÉS In recent centuries, women have believed that their role is passive by nature and men deserve a more active role. A woman is made to love, to feed, to heal, to cradle, to listen. Isn’t that right? There is a truth that they have hidden from us (or have we forgotten it?): the woman[…]

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graph shows the comfort zone

From Comfort Zone to Learning Zone

“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone” (Neal Donald Walsch) The comfort zone is a state of mind based on the repetitiveness of living conditions. It is a reassuring routine, made of choices that have become established habits challenging to change, precisely because of the feeling of utmost security they give us. Everything seems perfect; why should we change? Because there is a lot to lose in this condition. Living always in the comfort zone involves a slow and almost imperceptible waiver of change, and with it, we give up the possibility of having an active role in[…]

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rubik's cube

The Top Ten Verbs To Start Your Journey To Self-Improvement

Ten verbs help you point your brain in a positive direction and work on your self-improvement. “Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.” (Aristotle) The power of thought is real: every thought transforms into a physical state. For example: if you have to face a frightening situation such as having an interview with your boss, a few hours earlier your body starts shaking; some tremble with fear, others sweat profusely or struggle to breathe. Likewise, when we are about to meet our loved one, we feel joyful and excited even before we see her/him, we are exploding with joy![…]

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Material Wealth vs Spiritual Wealth: Is There A Contradiction?

“Wealth is not everything, but it is better than one’s health. After all, it’s not as if you can go to the butcher and say, “Look what a beautiful tan I have, and not only that, but I never catch a cold!”, and expect him to wrap a fillet steak for you.” (Woody Allen) According to recent statistics, 1% of the world’s population enjoys 55% of total goods consumed and earns as much as 99% of the world’s population (Source OXFAM, 2019). These data testify to the enormous imbalance between rich and poor on planet earth. Defining wealth, however, can[…]

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Dunning-Kruger effect: the less one knows, the more he thinks he knows. Why?

“The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing”. Socrates Life “in the days of COVID-19” continuously and everywhere (news, social networks, TV) exposes us to people who impose their ideas and consider them absolute truths. They also address the others as ignorant and incompetent, even if in reality, that’s not true at all. This behaviour has been scientifically studied and has a name: Dunning-Kruger Effect. What is it? It is a cognitive bias that leads people with fewer skills and knowledge to think they know more than others. The less they know, the more they think they know.[…]

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The Native American Eagle Legend That Teaches Us How To Deal With Change

“Change is inevitable; personal growth is a choice.” (Bob Proctor) I think that Life, the authentic one, is a sum of changes. The absence of change, or immobility, generates a state of survival. A comfortable condition, more or less well-tolerated, yet not happy. I lived for years surviving, settling for what I had achieved until then. But at a certain point, I realized that I was dying out, I no longer had enthusiasm or passion. Then I understood that change is the key to a happy life, more complicated perhaps but more authentic! Why don’t we easily accept change? Because[…]

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