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The society we live in imposes on us the following concept: for every action that we trust as right there will always be the same reaction. Therefore to get the right reaction, we must control every action.

Let’s think about advertising, for example. Advertising is pretty manipulative so that we believe that a beautiful bag, a lovely sofa, a nice car, or the pre-cooked food make everything just perfect! The perfect family follows specific rules and plays the game exactly as the others do.

However, are you truly satisfied with this action/reaction model? Do you sometimes feel that you don’t love what others do? Think about what makes you feel good, maybe that same situation can make others feel bad, and vice versa.

Society imposes on us the “correct way” of doing things and dictates to live according to predefined standards, but things do not always go as one expects. There is not a manual of good living! If we look for fulfillment, then let’s look for our path, and above all, let’s stop controlling.

9-to-5 work model.

Another example is the 9-to-5 work model. Is it an imposed model that satisfies specific production parameters, but does it serve the individual in terms of self-concept? Does it nurture the individual as soul and mind? Does it fulfill the need for happiness? The 9-to-5 work model in this society requires us to “control everything”. For some of us, this does not work.

Just for a moment ignore this obsession of having control over every action and every reaction, so that you can open your mind to the chaos, the unexpected, the unforeseen. The model “do this action to get this result” is not always correct.

We know that there is NOT only one way to do things. What happens when we change direction? We will possibly find obstacles but, if we believe and struggle, those same obstacles will take us to that path which is good for us.

The 9-5 work model leads us to live without freedom; there are other ways! I embraced life and made changes, and I will never regret it! If you are here, you are looking for the path to change, then release the mind to the “chaos”. It is a positive chaos, which leads to changing those things that make us unhappy: primarily work because it is a significant part of our day and our life. According to an analysis by Aon Hewitt published in the Global Trends on Employees Engagement, more than 50% of the employees are dissatisfied with their work. If you are in this percentage, learn to trust your abilities and walk out of the “control” imposed by society.

A brilliant short film.

I suggest you watch the video “Dechen”. It is an animated short film in which a child named Dechen discovers this theory of “unpredictability” or chaos in a very peculiar way. Dechen lives in a Tibetan monastery to become a Buddhist monk; he loves gardening and one day, he finds a beautiful flower under a terrible storm. He quickly puts it in a pot and takes it to the monastery to protect it, but the flower withers. Why? Because that flower does not follow the same rules as the other flowers and above all, it does not follow Dechen’s rules. It will take time, but eventually, Dechen will understand that he has to stop controlling the situation and will bring the flower back to his environment.

Do as Dechen and the flower: embrace life, break the chains and free the “chaos”, look for flexibility and freedom and make sure that your job is adapting to your life, and not your life to the job!

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