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Time flies…yes! Especially if you have kids and work full-time (at home and at the office).

Ever wished you could add a few more hours to your day? Well, I know the feeling.

There are two options: life is a breath of wind! Or, the hours never go by. It’s incredible how subjective perceptions of time may change.

We often have the feeling that the 24 hours of our day are not enough to do what we have to do. Let’s analyze this perception; there are two macro groups: 1. your routine lacks good organization; 2. you are perfectly organized, but you work full-time and also have a family to dedicate yourself.

First case: lack of organization.

The feeling of not having time is triggered the moment we do an activity, and we are already thinking about the next one. The anxiety of being late or not finishing everything in time appears, and this generates stress and discontent.

To avoid this anxiety, just do a simple exercise, very dull at first but incredibly useful! Make a list of all the activities you have to do in the next few days and don’t leave anything out. Include also necessary actions such as preparing the lunch box for children or taking them to school, your hours at the office or cooking meals. Put every activity on the list and organize them in a table displaying a priority and temporal sequence from morning to evening. It is possible to make adjustments because the unforeseen events always exist, but it is necessary not to change or redo the list completely; otherwise, it will be useless!

Therefore, perform every activity without thinking about all the others! This is the first step to live better, every action is done with awareness and without stress, and even the most annoying things will have a meaning within the routine.

Many people think that making lists and following them is silly and useless, but it’s not true! Our life is a great artwork, and as such, it must be built, day after day, as a beautiful architectural project. If we don’t take every action seriously, we’ll feel like we’ve wasted time, and then we’ll believe we don’t have enough time, and we’ll eventually find ourselves chasing time!

Second case: full-time work and family.

Different activities mark your day; you have obsessively considered every detail and planned every action. Yet time is never enough for you. You have a rhythmic perception of your day, from awakening to the evening you have organized work, cooking, children’s activities, laundry, etc. However, you don’t know or can’t enjoy the time, and when you allow yourself to escape from work or family, you believe that time is stolen. Relaxing activities such as a run or an evening out with friends or a bike ride don’t give satisfaction because after all, there is this little inner voice that makes you feel guilty. At the end of the day, you look back, and you feel tired and dissatisfied, even though you’ve accomplished a lot of things. But nothing you’ve done has been fully experienced or is what you wanted to do.

Is there a way out?

I looked for it for a long time and found it. I badly desired to live my life authentically, and I began to analyze everything that prevented me from being happy. Happiness, for me, means dedicating time to myself, to my children, to my husband, by doing activities that I like such as traveling, cooking, reading, walking, and even playing why not! Everyone will put their passions and interests on this list.

To get this precious time, however, you cannot stay still in the usual routine and do and redo the same actions, you have to make changes. And before making them, you have to understand what is necessary and useful to change. I have identified my work as the source of my dissatisfaction. Why? Because the long hours in the office prevented me from dedicating time to what is important to me. However, it is not possible to live without working! Unless you’re a rich heiress, then this article is not suitable for you. But other people know that having an income every month is essential to raise children and support them in their education and practical needs.

A new opportunity


My research has led me to identify digital marketing as an excellent option for success. By taking this job, you can work from home, manage your working hours independently and thus enjoy more time for your family and yourself.

Digital marketing is a job, and as such, you have to learn and train professionally. You have to study and invest in yourself. The substantial change in life is profound and incredible. I’m not saying it’s easy, but it’s certainly possible! And it requires an act of courage.

The most significant advantage I had when I changed business and started working in digital marketing is TIME. This allowed me to change my daily routine. The reward of a life lived according to one’s desires is inner peace, a sense of happiness, and satisfaction. I’m on this path now.

I feel gratified for my small and big work successes, and I feel gratified because I can be a better mother. I feel gratified because I can dedicate myself to my favourite activities: cooking is no longer a burden but a pleasure. Strolling along the beach or doing yoga becomes a moment of contemplation and gratitude.

If you feel the need to change your life, put yourself on the line! “Per aspera ad astra” the Latins used to say. It means: “If you go through hard challenges, then you can reach the stars”.

The path to self-realization requires a lot of effort and discipline; it requires courage because you have to get out of your comfort zone and get involved. But all this leads to true happiness.

And happiness is feeling alive when we pragmatically realize our dreams.

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