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Mompreneurs Are Made, Not Born

Mompreneur is a French word that indicates the mothers in business, women who create small and large entrepreneurial projects, to achieve a better balance between private life and professional activity.

Mompreneur is a term used mainly in Europe, but it is rapidly spreading everywhere. In the United States, where this phenomenon was born, the term “mom power” is also used, which gives a good idea of our secret weapon: our massive inner energy.

A profound and powerful life-force that must, first of all, be (re)discovered, and then used not only for self-improvement and spiritual enrichment but also to create a professional career free of those constraints still heavily imposed by our society.

Modern women no longer have to ask these questions: “Career or children?”, “Full time or part-time?”, “Housewife or manager?”. Say “Enough!” to the condition of always being forced to choose between options. It’s better to start making real choices: we want to be mothers, and also entrepreneurs.

Why Mompreneur?

Simple: to manage time as we see fit, to work from home (or from the playground), to carry out an activity that we like, free from prejudices and constraints, and, above all, free from fake obliged choices.

The new symbol is one of the mothers who wants a better reconciliation between private life and professional activity, who does not want to be a slave to rigid office hours but neither to give up her identity as a working woman.

In Canada, the case of Susan Niczowsk is famous. She invented the home distribution of delicious salads and, thanks to agreements with farmers in the countryside around Toronto, now runs a company with a turnover of $50 million and 300 employees. Or, Nicole Feliciano, Speaker, Influencer, CEO of MomTrends link and author of the book Mom Boss, a recommended reading for all women.

They are not the only ones, many mothers run their business profitably, and especially now that (fortunately or unfortunately) the pandemic has taken off the digital economy, many moms have launched their online business. Just take a look at Instagram or Facebook, for example, to see dozens and dozens of women (and moms) selling products of all kinds or promoting programs to reinvent yourself, to set free from the chains and start living a more rewarding lifestyle (like me).

Five Tips To Become Mompreneur

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  1. My first tip is to follow your intuition. Let yourself be guided by your aspirations, your abilities; learn to listen to yourself. Being mompreneur means putting yourself on the line, maybe starting a job completely different from the previous one. The important thing is to follow intuition, passion and work hard. Being mompreneur doesn’t mean working less, but it means working smarter. You have to invest your time and all your energy, especially in the early stages. By following our instinct and keeping our mind always open to new opportunities, we can see things we would otherwise have lost.
  2. My second tip is to have a valid business plan. To launch and grow your business, you have to be prepared. Learn is the key. Don’t just think about the university…I mean learning new skills and using new tools. The Internet offers everything you need, choose carefully and then dive into the learning. It’s okay to proceed in baby steps but make sure you are following a good strategy. For the development of a good business plan, it is often better to rely on a coach, a qualified person who guides step-by-step on how to move between the various phases of the business. This is an option not to be underestimated.
  3. My third tip is to believe in yourself. This is undoubtedly a great challenge because, unfortunately, we still live in a patriarchal society that often “weakens” women mentally and spiritually. Just think of the most common definition of woman as “the weaker sex”. I will not discuss it in this article, but I fully understand the difficulty of believing in oneself. Yet this is the key to everything. When we learn to appreciate who we are and what we are capable of doing, we recognise our strengths and begin to build our project through them. Let’s free ourselves from the inferiority syndrome and use our immense energy and immense courage to work on ourselves. We should get out of the comfort zone and head high towards the road we have decided to take, always thinking that we are capable of doing so.
  4. My fourth tip is to surround yourself with a support network. Unfortunately, and I speak from personal experience, friends and family do not always support us in our choices. On the contrary, they often hinder us by saying that it is too risky, that it is too difficult, that it is madness. How many times have you heard that? So, you have to look around for a network of like-minded people and moved by the same goals—a community. The ideal would be to join a community of women entrepreneurs, with whom to share advice, teachings, wins and even failures because on the road to success; there will also be these. Through sharing and connecting with other women, you can grow from within, create an efficient mindset and improve your project.
  5. My fifth tip is to set priorities, establish intentions and define values. I left it for last, but I think that is the essential point.
    • My priority is my family, so when I decided to launch my online business, I put my family at the centre and developed my career around it. I worked as a project manager in a company for 20 years, and I always had to sacrifice myself and my family for the job. Since my children were born, this became unsustainable: at one point, my children were less important than my clients’ needs. Madness. I struggled a lot, but then I found the courage and said “Enough”. So, first of all, you have to define your priority: What is it? And with your choice in mind, start drawing your project around it.
    • Intentions. We often live at the mercy of events; we are pushed in this or that direction without having any control. We must learn to be the creators of our reality, and sometimes even surrender to events. However, beware: surrendering does not mean accepting everything that comes with resignation; it is precisely at this time that intentions play an essential role. When we fix our intentions and focus on them, all our actions take on a precise meaning and direction. We must, therefore, decide What We Want, Why We Want It And Visualise It Clearly in our minds so as not to get lost along the way.
    • Values. Making money online is not a value, it is a necessity, I understand it well, but it can in no way be the thing that drives us to take action. Because if it were only that way, we could never really sell or get rich as we thought. Values define what you believe is essential in life—love, respect, kindness, compassion, friendship and so on. When you set your values, the actions and decisions you have to make will be easier and not contradictory. For example, if the family is your value, and then you work over 40 hours a week, then you will be unhappy and stressed. When we define our values, we align priorities and intentions, and the result can only be magical.

Some Online Business Ideas

Photo by Pixabay

Often the most immediate thing to do is to follow your passion.

For example, if you have artistic skills, you can design t-shirts and sell them with on-demand printing services. This is a very trendy business. It is an example of dropshipping: inventory, shipping and order processing are entrusted to a third party supplier. In this case, your focus is on customising products with an original design. Not only t-shirts but also caps, phone cases, hoodies, cups, everything can be used to show off your creativity.

If you like sewing, another example is selling your creations online and not only that; you could teach other people how to sew. Nowadays, “needle&thread” is an art that is disappearing, yet in the fashion industry, tailors are always much sought after. Many people want to untie themselves from the big brands that exploit the work in Third World Countries (often children) and look for original and sustainable clothing.

If you live in a house with a large garden, and you are in a location that allows it, you can create an original setting and rent your garden for birthday parties or private events. You can promote your project on the Internet and build a real lifestyle around it. Then, if you associate yourself with some other woman who offers home catering, you’re all set.

If you are a computer geek, you can create a site and start an online program to learn how to encode, as well as offer your services.

If you love cooking, look for a niche and specialise in it; for example, creative cocktails are in fashion. You can invent new recipes and then teach how to make them or sell yourself as a private party consultant.

There are thousands of ideas, I could go with whole pages, and they are all equally possible and realistic. The principles as before remain valid. You can succeed if you believe in yourself, if you invest in your education, if you work with priorities, intentions and values in mind.

What If You Have No Passion?

  • All the same, there are many possibilities, for example, Affiliate Marketing. What is Affiliate Marketing? When you start this business, you sell products from other companies and get a commission; the great thing is that you don’t need an office, you don’t need a warehouse, you don’t even need an accountant! As an affiliate, the amount of products you can sell is unlimited; you just have to choose the one you like best. Also, once the promotional campaign is set up, possible sales take place 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This way, you can spend your time with your children or dedicate time to yourself while your business continues in the background. Affiliate Marketing is low risk because it requires a little investment.
  • Another option is E-commerce. What is E-commerce? In this case, you’re going to sell physical products. Here too, the system is designed to facilitate and simplify the processes. You first have to decide what to sell, then just order existing products wholesale at a fraction of the cost and resell them at a higher price. You need, in this case, to set up a stable and effective sales system, study the market and the products that are trendy. It doesn’t sound very easy, but it is, indeed, if you have the right preparation. You can also join Amazon FBA, for example. Amazon FBA will make the heavy work: customer payments, packaging, distribution and customer service. What you have to do is prepare marketing and advertising campaigns and sell the products.

If you’re serious about changing your life, act now and take a look at this Free Video Series that has helped hundreds of people (like me) start an online business from scratch. No experience is necessary. Our vast community will support you anytime, and you will never feel lost or alone in cyberspace.

Attention! This program is NOT a quick gain scheme. You must be determined and committed to working seriously. I believe that to change your life and create your dream life, you have to want it with all your strength, and be willing to take an uphill road but certainly full of great satisfaction.

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