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Something extraordinary happened to me recently, and this led me to reflect on a topic that has been going around in my head for some time: the Law of Attraction.

The Law of Attraction is one of the most fascinating and mysterious principles of the Universe: it is the ability to attract into our lives whatever we desire, whether positive or negative, through the power of our thoughts.

A few years ago, I read Rhonda Byrne’s book The Secret, which talks about the Law of Attraction. To simplify and summarize the book in a nutshell, the concept described is as follows:

Ask, Believe, Receive.

What does it mean? It means that if you want something and you believe in it, you’ll get it. Human beings are like a magnet that can attract or repel objects depending on their magnetic polarity. The objects, in this case, are vibrations, and thoughts. Often we are not aware of this, but every second of our existence, we act as human magnets and send our thoughts and emotions outside, and they exert a force that can change the course of events. Masaru Emoto‘s Experiment A Japanese scientist, Masaru Emoto, throughout his life has supported the idea that our thoughts and intentions have an impact on the physical realm. He has obtained scientific evidence to show that the molecular structure of water can transform when exposed to human words, thoughts, sounds and intentions. In his most famous experiment, Emoto exposes glasses full of water to different participants, each of them projects emotions and concepts over water such as love, hate, forgiveness, anger, etc. At the end of the experiment, the water molecules crystallized in different forms depending on the associated emotion.

Love, benevolence, compassion create aesthetically pleasing physical molecular forms; while negative feelings and thoughts create disharmonious and unpleasant physical forms. The phenomenon has been observed through magnetic resonance imaging and high-speed photographs.

So you just want something to make it come true? Not exactly. If it were that simple, we’d all be happy, wealthy and satisfied! The mental work to be done is much more complicated.

It is difficult to understand, but much more often than we think, our goals do not represent what we want. The way we were raised and educated, our past, our family, our society, the people around us strongly influence our mental models.

For example, you are in a critical financial situation, and you want more money: consciously, you are saying that you want money, but on an unconscious level you have always associated money with a negative concept, greed, evil. Also, since you have no money, you think on an unconscious level that you don’t deserve money. Finally, you keep complaining about your financial situation to everyone. In this way, the money will never come into your life, because you are pushing it away through your vibrations and thoughts that you send to the Universe. To get that money, not only do you have to want it, but you have to act, think, and make decisions as if the money is already real, and you know you deserve it.

So, in reality, the correct concept to follow is:

Ask, Believe, DO, Receive.

4 exercises to apply the Law of Attraction

  • Visualize your wishes

It is the first important step. Many people have no idea what they want. When you only have clear in your mind what you do NOT want, you get the opposite result: your mind follows these signals (simply because it doesn’t receive any more) and sends the wrong vibrations, actually pushing the positive change away and even attracting more negativity to you. Psychologists claim that visualizing an intention in our mind means cancelling other possibilities and facilitating the desired one. So you have to create a clear image of desire, visualize the details and immerse yourself in that vision.

  • Learn the art of gratitude

The Law of Attraction is very sensitive to positive feelings, so think about what you have, all your fortunes, your life, and be sincerely grateful. No matter how bad the current situation seems to you, we always have something to be thankful.

  • Use words wisely

Words have immense power. You have to turn all your negative beliefs “I can’t”, “it’s not possible”, “I’m not capable”, “I don’t deserve it”, “I don’t have the strength” into positive affirmations “I can”, “it’s possible”, “I am capable”, “I deserve it”, “I have the strength”.

  • Assert your will

Reaffirming day by day your will to live a better life is a powerful mantra that will help you unleash your true potential. You have to focus on your goal, the human brain has limited multitasking capabilities, so we can’t disperse energy chasing various desires. Focus on one until you get it. It doesn’t have to be reacted immediately; you have to have patience and constancy and act every day.

Going back to the strange thing that happened to me and that generated this reflection of mine, here is in short what happened!

We are from Northern Italy, but since we moved to Malta, in the heart of the Mediterranean sea, we do not have many opportunities to see the snow. My children have wanted snow for years now, and finally, a few months ago we decided to buy a flight for February (a month when we work a lot and usually don’t travel) to spend a weekend on the snows of Mount Cimone, near our hometown. But because of climate change or other reasons, there’s no snow on that mountain. We decided to leave anyway, hoping badly for some beautiful, unexpected snowfall, or thinking at least to take a nice walk in the woods! So we land in Italy, and we prepare to travel to the top; we stop in a shop to buy sandwiches for the trip, and by chance, we meet a friend of ours. Our friend found out about our plan and told us that we would never find snow there and gave us the keys to her little house in the Dolomites (we didn’t even know she had a house there!), a more distant and more expensive destination than the one we were heading to. We left instantly, without even having to book expensive hotels and found lots of snow! My children were overjoyed to be able to play in the white.

It is just a small thing, but it means a lot to me. The Law of Attraction starts from the tiny things indeed. We could have cancelled the flight; we could not have left, to begin with. Instead, we went with only one idea in our heads: snow. And we found snow.

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The Hidden Messages in Water by Masaru Emoto
The Secret by Rhonda Byrne

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