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Mothers’ fatigue is a chronic condition. A mother’s fatigue is a cry for help!

Mothers’ fatigue is sneaky because it is the side effect of a great love, the price that you pay in exchange for such powerful and intense feelings that otherwise you can never even imagine.

The profound tiredness of mothers is endless, and people think it’s normal, but it’s not!

Modern society doesn’t help us to be moms. Family itself has changed: In our recent past, two or three generations ago, the family was large, sons and daughters often stayed to live with their parents or in the direct vicinity; it allowed grandparents, uncles and aunts, to be an active part in raising and managing children. Since the first days after giving birth, the granny or sister or sister-in-law was always close to the new mom to allow her to breastfeed, to rest for a couple of hours, and to have a meal freshly cooked. Women already worked in the fields or the factories or the offices, but the big family remained a support, the grandmothers took care of the little ones and sisters, and sisters-in-law took turns in looking after them.

Today everything has changed, families are getting smaller, we have children when we are older, people live far away from their hometowns, and this has fragmented and destroyed the support that came to the new mom from the family.

Nowadays, moms work full-time, and they’re alone taking care of the kids. Dads finally have a significant and active role today, but they also work full-time and are away from home for many hours a day.

Besides, as if it were not complicated enough, society judges us in our being a mother, often criticizes us for our choices and imposes on us the model of the “perfect mother”.

Most importantly, our ideas have changed, we are moms AND we want to be successful in working life, we don’t want to choose one or the other, rightly so, and this creates a critical scenario!

We are tired because we want to be good at work; because we want to be good mothers; because we want to keep fit and follow our interests. Therefore, we always give 100% in everything we do, because we think otherwise that we are not doing enough, that we are not up to it, and also because everyone thinks that it is normal to be exhausted. Still, this tiredness consumes us and annihilates us!

It’s not normal, and the sooner we understand this, the sooner we can act, make changes and finally be satisfied women and joyful mothers.

Stop and think about your tiredness

You are fatigued and feeling overwhelmed? Make yourself a priority. It’s difficult, I know, but it is vital. Start by satisfying your basic needs, the ones you guarantee your children, and never to you: good food, good sleep.

When we are in charge of little ones, we are always in high awareness. Physiologically, this is exhausting. It is vital to get at least a few hours of sleep, ask family and friends for help without being embarrassed. You have to arrange your schedule so you can rest. Walking even just 30 minutes a day helps to relax. Drinking good herbal teas helps to rehydrate and oxygenate the body. Stop relying on caffeine and sugar to give you the energy you need to get you through your day. It is so wrong. Drink more water instead, and exercise as often as you can.

Adrenal fatigue: what is it?

While you work, you feel like your brain is all foggy; you forget details; you think you are less sharp and proactive than before. You continuously need coffee and sugary snacks to go on; you gain weight more quickly than before, you are impatient or irritable, and you always get sick. You feel hopeless, disconnected from the others, depressed.

It is adrenal fatigue, and it afflicts busy working moms.

You juggle work and family and loads of responsibilities, errands, cooking and so on. You manage all these things every day. But eventually, your body claims its price and tells you in many ways that this lifestyle is unacceptable. If you keep ignore it, you’ll get to the point of burnout, precisely what happened to me.

The solution


This fatigue is treatable and curable!

You need to be courageous, it is difficult but, I promise, it is worth it.

First step is to understand that this fatigue is not normal. We are not victims of our children, our family, or our work. We can stand up and raise our voices.

We have to change our mindset: it means that we have to cut all the ties to toxic thoughts, people, and places.

When I started to change my mindset, I began to see things from a different perspective, and it eventually guided me to change whatever I didn’t like in my life, one thing at a time. I know it sounds easier said than done, and I am still working on this myself, but once started you won’t stop.

I started to read books about positive thinking; listening to relaxing music; practice yoga; to go for meditation walking; to improving my eating habits. At last, the most significant change I made was quitting my job and starting my own online business.

This change led me very quickly to a recovery. It also led me to feel grateful and willing to help other women to start their journey out of that depressing black hole.

Just think about this: When you wake up, do you feel already exhausted? Do you think you are a joyful mom?

If so, take action, do not endure until the depression swallows you.

To be a joyful mother, it is necessary first of all to become a conscious, fulfilled, balanced woman.

I hope you will join me in making the changes you need to improve your life by gaining good health, positive energy, happiness, and fulfillment.

Change is the Key. Have courage and do the first step now; learn more and register for the Free Workshops Here

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