The Witch Within Us. All You Need To Know About Witches Today

There is no animal more invincible than a woman, nor fire either, or any wildcat so ruthless. (Aristophanes) The truth is, witches still exist. They never ceased to exist. The question is: are you too a witch? Men have tried by every means to destroy them, but they’ve never succeeded and never will, because the witch-woman is a fundamental element of this planet, like air and water. Who are the witches? We can consider them in a folkloristic or childish sense as monstrous, grotesque and evil beings. Still, in reality, witches are women who cannot and do not want to[…]

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rubik's cube

The Top Ten Verbs To Start Your Journey To Self-Improvement

Ten verbs help you point your brain in a positive direction and work on your self-improvement. “Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.” (Aristotle) The power of thought is real: every thought transforms into a physical state. For example: if you have to face a frightening situation such as having an interview with your boss, a few hours earlier your body starts shaking; some tremble with fear, others sweat profusely or struggle to breathe. Likewise, when we are about to meet our loved one, we feel joyful and excited even before we see her/him, we are exploding with joy![…]

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